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I call it the beast. That thing called cancer. I don’t like to hear tat name, not to mention talk about it. I pray never to hear that word as a diagnosis from any physician. Many of us fear that darkness. In many of our lives it has become a reality, a diagnosis that has floored many and brought them to their knees. In one family that I am acquainted with, there has been nine to ten diagnosis of breast cancer over the years.



Life tests us in ways unimaginable and it is during these times that we find our true strength and we also discover who is in our corner and has always been. Life is a journey with twists and turns and sometimes we seem to lose our way.



I am laughing so hard right now and loving me as I am sitting here in sunlight and dappled shade on this Balinese hillside while I look over this rice terrace called Tegalalang in Ubud. That sentence sunlight and dappled shade simply popped in my head maybe because that is the title of the first book that I wrote in addition to Blood in the Water.


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It's That Special Time of the Year

I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world; that it alone can overcome hate; that right can and will triumph over might. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Got my Mojo Back in Hawaii: Part 1

I encourage others to travel. Open your minds, see different worlds. A few years ago I felt like I was falling into a rut. I had a birthday coming up and I am that person who celebrates my birthday as others celebrate New Years Eve. It is the time when I make changes in my life. I set goals, realistic ones. I don’t include a one year subscription to the gym.

Got my Mojo Back in Hawaii: Part 2

You can travel anywhere to get your mojo back but for me it was Hawaii. Following up on our visit to the old church the next day our trip took us to Haleakala where we visited the Haleakala National Park. It’s the view that takes your breath away.

As I get older

As I get older, I will be a year older in ten days The more thinking that I do,

Worthy Cause: United Neighborhood Network Association Gala (UNNA)

On October 6, 2018 the United Neighborhood Network Association held its annual charity banquet. It was an enlightening, empowering, fun-filled, beautiful evening.

WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER…Keeping 9/11 Victims in our hearts

The 9/11 terror attack by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda was termed the “worst and most audacious terror attack in American history” by the New York Times.


ALLOW MY IMAGINATION TO RUN RIOT…Jamaica….Milan….Brazil….Australia


Fathers/ Dads all hold that special place in all of our lives. It may not be our biological father, but a father figure such as an older brother, uncle or friend deserves to be lauded and appreciated for playing the fatherly role.


Theses are some of the lyrics from the song, Thank You Mama recorded by Jamaican Singer, Sizzla. Thank you mama for the nine months you carried me through All the pain an' sufferin' No one knows the pressure you bare a just only you Give you all my love, oh yeah.

Lynchings to Starbucks: The indifference in how we treat people with a different color

Black men are harassed every day; a simple phone call to cops can get you killed. A single phone call to the cops can put the fear of God in you, the same as lynching did.

Marcia Erskine

Marcia Erskine worked for the Jamaica Gleaner before starting her own Public Relations business in 1992 in Kingston, Jamaica. Her firm Marcia Erskine & Associates Ltd has provided services in corporate marketing, community relations, education and varied areas of society.

Who was Joel Augustus Rogers

Joel Augustus Rogers was a Jamaican-American author and journalist, and a leading black historian. He was born in Sheffield, Westmoreland, Jamaica on September 7th 1880 to Samuel John Rogers and his wife Emily Henrietta (Johnson). He had a multi-racial background, that is, with a white father who was a Wesleyan teacher.


DAWN WARREN is an attorney in private practice with her husband Dennis in Nassau County. As a wife and mother of three, Dawn blends her wisdom and intelligence with her nurturing nature in raising three very fine young ladies and shows dedication and passion in the growth of her grandchildren.

Vangella Hazle Buchanan

Vangella Hazle Buchanan a pioneer, a trail blazer, an author of thirteen books, an adjunct professor, a lady born and raised in Jamaica that possesses spectacular talents and exumes patience at its best.

Irwine Clare: Making a Difference

Founder and current CEO of Team Jamaica Bickle, and motivator, Irwine G. Clare Snr., OD, is a visionary. Clare will tell you that the concept of Team Jamaica Bickle, Inc. really started in 1993.


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