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Bali Ubud Indonesia- The Tegalalang Rice Terrace

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The movie Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts who plays Elizabeth Gilbert has brought tourist attention and attraction to Bali. The story chronicles Elizabeth Gilbert’s life through Italy, India and then Indonesia. The movie features the Tegalalang rice terrace in Ubud. As a result there is an upsurge in tourists who visits the area. Although there are other rice terraces in Ubud this is the most famous. It offers a beautiful view of lush green terraced rice fields. You pay a small tax to get on the road to go into the rice field parking lot. Although I was there for the view I noticed a zip line for those who are not faint of heart and for those who would like to get into one of those giant swings that swing above the rice field there is that too. Bali relies on two things, Tourism and Agriculture


The Tegalalang Rice Terrace is important in the area of agriculture. Rice is a staple of the Balinese people...What makes this terraced rice field so impressive and financially stable is the Subak system which is behind it all.. A group of families work together on the irrigation system to ensure the continuity of care for this rice field.. This system is called the Subak traditional Balinese Cooperative.. It should be on your list to visit if you ever get to Bali.

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