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Forever critics - reception that the Jamaican people gave Buju

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There are forever critics who pick at everything and find even the smallest thing to point at and criticize because they are so smart. There were those whose moral compass APPEARS to be so high that they scoffed and railed at the reception that the Jamaican people gave Buju. We already knew what happened. I have been waiting for one of these smart, on top of things individuals to talk about the financial boon, boom,the Buju, Gargamel impact on the economy in and around Kingston over the weekend.


All who didn't want to go a yard before found themselves there to see Buju perform.

The street vendors rejoiced over the weekend; nuff dollars was made. My friends could barely get pan chicken, because pan chicken was running so hot, the vendors needed additional pairs of hands to keep up. Nuff kin teeth from that group. Those art vendors made out quite well also. The Buju effect gave people positive food for thought and they spent. Happy for them. The hotels around the Kingston area were filled to capacity. There were no more rooms at the Pegasus to squeeze. The Courtleigh Hotel was along the same lines. Altamont Hotel was full. Taxis and rent a car in high demands. New Kingston KFC is mum, but dollars run full force in that place all weekend long.

This didn't happen because of some political boononoonus. I can't even spell the word properly. It was the Buju Effect. Be thankful that a great number of people were able to eat a food over the weekend and are counting their dollars this morning, not their pennies. Nuff love. #Gargamel #BujuBanton keep up the good work

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Dantie Smith-Brown

Dantie Smith-Brown was born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies, where she graduated from teacher’s college before migrating to the United States. Changing course upon arrival, she became a Respiratory Care Practitioner when her father introduced her to that specialized area in health care. She is passionate about educating, diagnosing and treating individuals who suffer from heart and lung diseases to improve their health and well-being.

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